Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia applies blockchain in business certification

They seek to combat certificate forgery through blockchain and IoT technology

In Spain, the Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia (ITEC) has signed an agreement with the company Signeblock for the application of blockchain technology to the business certification services required for compliance with national and European legislation and manufacturing standards in the construction sector. They informed Cointelegraph in Spanish, through a press release.

The aim is to combat the falsification of these certificates through blockchain technology and IoT (internet of things) that allows to establish the flow of the traceability of the different certificates, turning them into armoured carriers of their own information.

According to the statement of Bitcoin Pro, this is a major step forward in fraud prevention, which is carried out through the modification of certificates. „It contributes to transparency in the issuance of authentic certificates, with full legal certainty,“ they said.

The objective of ITEC is the generation and transfer of information and the provision of technological services for the improvement of the competitiveness of the agents of the construction sector: professionals, companies and entities.

About ITEC

The Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia (ITEC) is a private, non-profit foundation that carries out research, design and development of technology-based products and services for the construction sector. It was created in 1978 and is listed in the Registry of Foundations of the Government of Catalonia.

About Signeblock

Signeblock is a firm specialized in the digital transformation of companies through technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and data Analytics.